Pinterest Marketing Guide: Drive Traffic & Sales

Pinterest is the most effective technique to increase visitors and sales to your website. It functions similarly to a search engine and employs SEO best practices. You can use keywords to optimise your profile and pins for searches.

Many Pins on Pinterest are Repins, indicating that this is a platform that prioritises sharing material. A Pin has a three-month average life, which is far longer than Facebook’s five to six-hour average and Twitter’s 15 to 20-minute average.

Pinterest has become the next big platform  for business marketing after Facebook purchased Instagram. That’s not without reason. If a platform with over 465 million monthly active users isn’t enough, then any other can’t be.

Pinterest Marketing

Most people think of Pinterest as a place to get recipes, do-it-yourself crafts, cute animals, fashion inspiration, and other things. Pinterest, on the other hand, is a formidable social media network with millions of active members, making it a goldmine for businesses trying to reach a new audience.

Pinterest marketing is all about exploiting the platform to help you achieve your marketing objectives. It assists marketers and businesses in promoting their brands, reaching new consumers, and increasing brand awareness. This can be accomplished by pinning images, making entertaining boards, and running targeted adverts.

By publishing photographs or videos, users can share and find new interests on the social networking site. Users can also explore popular trends and follow other Pinterest users with similar interests. The best part is that Pinterest marketing is relatively simple and inexpensive; marketers can create a Pinterest account and load it with high-quality photographs and useful material.

Benefits of Using Pinterest Business Account

If you don’t currently have an account, or if your account is personal, you’ll need to sign up for an official Pinterest for Business account to fully utilise Pinterest’s marketing potential. 

Here are some of the distinctive features of a Business Account.

Rich Pins

Rich Pins come in six varieties, each with more information than your regular Pin for real sales power. They consist of real-time pricing and stock updates, direct links to your website, and interactive map locations. 

Provides Educational Content

Pinterest provides more than simply a platform; they also create educational Pinterest marketing tools to show you how to maximise its efficacy for marketing your brand.

They provide tools, insights, and best practices guidelines to assist creators in making the most of Pinterest. Moreover, you get a place where creators and businesses can collaborate and support one another.

You can also follow the Pinterest Blog to remain up to speed on when these items will be available and to learn some fundamental basics.

Get Access to Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics is one of the most recent and exciting additions to a Pinterest for Business account. When you validate your account, you gain access to critical tracking data. You can see which methods and material are effective in order to continuously enhance your Pinterest marketing.

Attracting More Customers

For consumers looking for ideas or new products, Pinterest is a well-liked discovery platform. According to the platform, 80% of weekly users have found a new brand or product on Pinterest.

Pinterest is aware of this. For this reason, they have optimised special Pin types that can be used to advertise goods and content. This kind of material can effectively attract new users and clients to your website.

Be Prepared Before Understanding The Strategies

Just check for these points, before landing on the best strategies for Pinterest to drive traffic and sales.

Be Verified

Verifying your website or blog on your Pinterest account is one of the most useful tasks.

It shows the Pinterest audience that you control the content posted from your website. It also grants you access to Pinterest Analytics.

Your visitors will notice a checkmark next to your business name once your website/blog has been verified. This will boost your credibility and propel your Pinterest marketing to new heights.

Well-Organised Boards

Pinterest is not the same as your Facebook business page. A Facebook page contains a combination of content that is posted in chronological order rather than by importance or topic.

You can make many boards on Pinterest. One for each of your product or service categories. Pinterest keeps people interested in both generalist information and stuff tailored to their unique interests.

Go Through Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics is a treasure  for marketers who study their entire Pinterest marketing strategy. It provides information about folks who are browsing your page and pins. Interestingly, Pinterest allows you to discover your target audience’s demographics, the devices they use, and your most popular pins.

You may also check information about your profile’s average daily impressions and visitors, average monthly viewers, and average monthly engagements.

Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic & Sales

Let’s dive straight into the strategies for growing the Pinterest account, driving traffic to the website, and ultimately converting visitors into repeat buyers.

Optimise Your Profile

Pinterest has evolved significantly throughout the years. It has steadily evolved from a basic social media network to a powerful visual search engine.

Pinterest, like search engines, need SEO optimization. Not only your profile, but also your boards and pins, should include keywords and be highly descriptive.

But how will people find you on Pinterest? You’ll see some good results if you’ve done your keyword research and included them to your profile. However, if you’re feeling a little lost, begin by typing some keywords into the search field. As related topics appear, you can restrict your search and locate the terms you’re looking for.

Engage With Your Followers

Pinterest is an excellent medium for communicating with your followers. You may expand your following and drive traffic to your website or blog by creating informative and appealing pins. Furthermore, by engaging with your Pinterest users, you can build a community of followers that are interested in your material. 

Engaging with users on Pinterest requires a few key measures. Create intriguing material that your target audience would enjoy first. Second, maintain your Pinterest presence by sharing and commenting on other people’s pins. Finally, share your Pinterest profile on social media and your website. These simple steps can assist you in connecting with individuals on Pinterest.

Create thought-provoking and entertaining content to engage with users and urge them to interact with your brand. Pinterest may be transformed into a strong marketing tool with a little effort.

Work on Rich Pins

Rich pins offer more detailed information about your pins, which can lead to more saves and clicks. Apps, products, blog pieces, and recipes can all use rich pins. They are relevant in the expectation that others will pin from your website.

Rich pins for blog articles include a headline, a short description, the date, and the author’s name, as well as a call to action to read it. Using rich pins might improve your website traffic by 80%.

When you apply for Rich Pins, you will receive real-time information automatically updated on your pins as well as more options to attract people to your site because your Rich Pins will be linked to your site. 

Advertisements on Pinterest

Give Pinterest Ads a try to get the most out of your Pinterest marketing. It allows businesses to reach out to potential clients using the famous social media network. Businesses can more successfully reach their target audience and sell their products or services by developing advertising that is tailored to their consumers’ interests.

You can locate a wide audience for your business and have the potential to attract people’s attention right away.

Define Your Niche

When it comes to Pinterest marketing with the goal of increasing website traffic and sales, defining your niche is a critical first step. Your niche is the theme within Pinterest’s broad community to which your content belongs. It’s all about determining what makes your brand unique and what most fascinates your target audience.

It is critical in Pinterest marketing to thoroughly define and comprehend your niche. This involves knowing your ideal audience’s core interests and preferences and tailoring your content to their interests. This allows you to create pins and boards that not only catch people’s attention but also result in more clicks and conversions. The more specialised and particular your specialty, the more you will be able to interact with the correct audience, direct them to your website, and eventually increase your sales using Pinterest marketing.

Share Your Content

To increase the visibility and followers of your Pinterest account and content, post your Pins, photographs, and videos in other social media platforms. 

Claim your company’s Pinterest account on other social media sites so that your fans can simply learn about the other platforms you’re on and how to view more of your material.

Furthermore, claiming your account will provide you access to statistics and data on all of these Pins, allowing you to determine which networks your audience is most interested in.

You can also connect your Pinterest profile to your Facebook and Google accounts to simply add and find friends and backup your profile in case you forget your credentials.

Be Consistent

As Pinterest says in its Pinterest marketing guide: Establish a consistent frequency for saving Pins to your boards. This manner, your audience receives new information in their home feed (and learns about your company).

You can repin other people’s pins or schedule your own. It is critical to maintain consistency across all social media platforms. Refreshing your material shows your readers that you’re still active. To obtain more followers, you should post 10-15 new pins every day. Make sure to repin as well as pin your own material. Avoid pinning everything in one minute.


In the world of Pinterest marketing, defining your specialty is the key to success in driving website traffic and increasing sales. With over 465 million monthly active users, Pinterest has turned into a strong platform for businesses. It’s not only for recipes and do-it-yourself crafts; it’s a goldmine for reaching out to a new audience.

Create a Pinterest for Business account to get the most out of Pinterest. This includes Rich Pins, instructional resources, and analytics to track your progress. These tools not only increase your trustworthiness, but they also assist you in fine-tuning your Pinterest marketing strategy.

It is critical to engage your audience with attractive content. Create pins that speak to your target audience and grow a community of followers who are interested in what you have to offer.

Other techniques that might take your Pinterest marketing to the next level include rich pins, Pinterest Ads, and continuous posting. But keep in mind that it all begins with defining your niche and personalising your content to what your target audience desires. You may broaden your reach and achieve success on Pinterest by sharing your Pinterest material on other social media channels and maintaining a constant presence.

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