15 Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas To Get More Leads

Social media has emerged as a game-changer in today’s ever-changing real estate industry, a dynamic platform where brokers are rapidly finding their next generation of clients. According to recent realtor polls, social media is the next best source of real estate leads, motivating a staggering percentage of real estate agents to gear up and invest more time in refining their social media marketing strategy in the near future.

Trust and experience are essential when selecting a real estate agent. Social media, on the other hand, provides a multidimensional approach that goes beyond simply listing properties; it’s the arena where you can exhibit your knowledge, create meaningful relationships, and generate leads at scale.

These practical suggestions will operate as content foundations, strengthening your long-term social media strategy. If you’ve been working hard on your social media game but aren’t seeing the intended results, it’s important to avoid some typical traps, such as posting listings without engagement, bombarding your audience with ads, or just communicating with fellow agents. Instead, use these 15 real estate social media post ideas for multiple platforms to stand out from the crowd. Let’s get started and maximise the potential of your social media presence.

1. Give Market Updates

People tend to watch the market for at least a few months before listing or moving, whether they are buying or selling. Sharing facts about your local market informs existing clients while also putting you in front of potential ones.

Make a visual post or, even better, a Reel or TikTok using your local real estate board’s monthly or quarterly reports. These are quick to make and a terrific method to sell yourself by showcasing your personality and presence.

2. Make Videos

Videos are effective at attracting and retaining customers’ attention. As a result, 90% of marketers employ them as a marketing tool. Prospects are 70 % more likely to list with brokers that use video walkthroughs.

Video walkthroughs allow you to show your properties to prospective prospects and encourage them to interact with you on social media.

These films are not only instructional but also amusing, which is why, when done correctly, they can cause prospects to stop scrolling and view your information.

Now that you have the prospect’s attention, make sure the video advertises your business enough for them to realise it’s from you, so they can make a mental note to contact you later.

3. Post Recently Sold Properties

Sharing just sold posts on your social media channels can be a great way to showcase your accomplishments and build trust with potential clients.

For one, these posts build your expertise and credibility as a real estate agent. Sharing your successes will highlight your experience and skills. It shows that you are familiar with the market and can successfully guide clients through the buying or selling process.

More so, just-sold posts provide social proof, and we all know how valuable a track record of success is. And if you want to increase brand recall and put a quality stamp on your brand – these posts are mandatory!

4. Share Your Milestones

Trust is essential in real estate. Clients choose specialists with a track record of success. Sharing your accomplishments on social media is an effective method to gain trust.

Properties sold, accolades received, or significant career successes are examples of milestones. These posts demonstrate your experience and dependability.

Make aesthetically appealing content, such as infographics or before-and-after photographs. Personalise by revealing the narrative behind each milestone and demonstrating your commitment.

Thank your clients, colleagues, and partners for their contributions to your success. This promotes positive interactions.

Sharing achievements is more than just self-promotion; it’s an invitation for future clients to become a part of your success narrative. Transparency and genuineness entice clients looking for a dependable, experienced real estate expert. Let your accomplishments shine on social media.

5. Recommendations from Interior Designers and Construction Workers

By including specific advice from interior designers and construction workers, you show your audience that you’re actually interested in assisting them in achieving their homeownership goals. It’s not only about listings; it’s about giving your clients a complete, high-quality experience.

This post demonstrates your ability to link consumers with the appropriate professionals, displaying your enthusiasm to provide a full-service experience that pushes them closer to their ideal houses. Your clients will surely appreciate your proactive attitude in a climate characterised by a construction worker shortage. It’s a one-of-a-kind method to stand out and demonstrate your commitment to their real estate experience.

6. Don’t Fall Short on Tips

Sharing real estate buying and selling recommendations demonstrates your knowledge of the market. People are more likely to seek your assistance when they notice this because they trust you to guide them through the intricate world of real estate.

These recommendations can be shared as articles with images, catchy image captions, short movies, or entertaining TikTok clips. Just make sure your counsel is focused on assisting your clients and providing them with helpful information. This demonstrates that you genuinely care about what they require.

People feel confident in your knowledge, as though they are in good hands. By providing them with these useful hints, you establish yourself as a trustworthy counsellor and empower them to make sound judgments in the sometimes perilous realm of buying and selling properties. To reach more people, you can share this advice in a variety of ways on social media. Always put your clients first, and they’ll trust you even more

7. New Listings Will Give You an Edge

Providing sneak previews of your current property listings is one of the most successful methods to engage your audience on social media. Give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at what’s new in the market. Share enticing photographs and brief descriptions of these new ads, but preserve an air of mystery to attract interest.

To persuade potential purchasers, highlight distinctive features and perks. Consider employing video tours or live streaming to show off the property in real time while answering questions from viewers who are interested. Creating an impression of exclusivity and urgency can result in more inquiries and, ultimately, faster sales.

By presenting your new listings with an intriguing twist on a regular basis, you’ll keep your audience enthusiastic and looking forward to what you have to offer, eventually converting those hungry eyes into new clients eager to explore the real estate options you bring to the table.”

8. Giveaways & Contests

Giveaways are effective. People enjoy the opportunity to win something for free. When we hear something is free, we naturally place a larger value on it. We yearn for it.

True, execution is the key to a successful lead-generating giveaway. The important features are simple entry rules and low risk. What you give away also counts. Don’t give a random gift that has nothing to do with real estate.

Be inventive! Offer an interior design consultation or even a night’s stay in one of your listed residences.

9. Don’t do Mistakes

Remember not to make these frequent blunders while selling real estate on social media. To begin, don’t just talk about houses all the time because it can become tedious. Share interesting information as well. 

Second, avoid placing too many advertisements; instead, give useful information first. Third, respond to people who leave comments or send you messages; this is an opportunity to engage with future clients. Simply be yourself online so that people may trust you. Finally, talk to clients as well as other real estate agents. By avoiding these blunders, your real estate social media can perform better and people will trust you more.

10. Show What Your Customers Have Achieved

Let’s discuss those heartwarming occasions when you’ve assisted clients in selling their houses and finding their dream homes. It’s all about real people, authentic emotions, and inspiring success stories. But remember, always get your clients’ permission before sharing these touching stories on social media.

These are gold stories. They’re about more than just demonstrating your real estate expertise; they’re about expressing the joy, excitement, and relief your clients felt when their goals came true with your assistance.

Also note,  you must respect your clients’ privacy. Once you obtain their permission, share their tales on social media in a straightforward and emotional manner. Discuss the difficulties they encountered, how you helped them overcome them, and the utter delight they felt in their new homes.

These stories help potential clients connect and trust you. They’ll regard you as a trusted real estate partner, eager to make their aspirations a reality.

11. A Pinch of Humour Will Work

Consider this. What do you see as you scroll through your social media feed? Isn’t it true that you enjoy content that makes you laugh?

Just because you’re in the serious business of assisting individuals in finding their safe haven doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some levity into your real estate content!

You don’t have to be the next Richard Pryor to do it; a meme or a light joke can be the one thing that distinguishes you from other agents and moves you closer to sealing that transaction!

12. Questions Are Plus 

Posing intelligent questions to your audience not only encourages participation but also provides vital information into their preferences and requirements. Consider asking questions about the local real estate market, such as “What’s your dream neighbourhood like?” or “What features are must-haves in your next home?” This not only starts conversations, but it also establishes you as an informed and attentive agent.

Furthermore, inquiries might serve as a doorway to user-generated material. Encourage your followers to contribute their own stories and experiences. For example, “Share your favourite home-buying memory with us!” and “Tell us about your ideal backyard oasis.” These enquiries not only establish a sense of community, but they also generate original content that demonstrates your commitment to your clients’ dreams. 

In the world of real estate social media, asking questions is more than just looking for answers; it’s also about making relationships and learning how to better serve your audience.

13. Tell Them About Neighbourhood 

Your clients’ decisions, whether buying or selling, are greatly influenced by the community they live in or wish to live in. Locals may know the best eateries, but they will not be aware of the current average selling price or the demographics of those looking to relocate.

Neighbourhood guides are especially useful for buyers who are relocating to a new city. They’re curious about what they can’t find on Google.

Carousel posts, Reels, and TikTox are all excellent ways to emphasise a certain neighbourhood while providing your own personal thoughts.

14. Before and After: Transformation is Addictive

Before and after photos work like a charm on social media. They aren’t just for home purchasers; everyone enjoys seeing big changes.

Take before and after shots of a house you’re tidying up. Share these images on social media to keep your audience entertained.

These images tell an interesting story. They demonstrate how a location may go from tired to trendy, or from plain to ideal.

Using before/after photos is not only entertaining; it also demonstrates that you are knowledgeable about real estate. Even if someone isn’t looking for a home right now, they may remember you if they are in the future.

So, grab your camera and document those incredible transformations. Your social media followers will appreciate it!

15. Show Your Team

If your firm has a team of employees working behind the scenes, it’s a fantastic idea to let everyone know who’s contributing to the success! Consider making new friends; it’s always wonderful to know their names and faces, right? The same is true with real estate.

Introducing your employees to potential clients helps to establish a warm and cordial relationship. It’s the equivalent of saying, “Hey, we’re here to help you!” When customers can see the real individuals behind the company, everything feels more personal and trustworthy.

Consider going on a large adventure, such as buying or selling a house. Knowing the friendly people who will help you along the road can make the journey less frightening and more thrilling. So, let’s bring your team out from the shadows and make your real estate experience feel like a joyful and inviting adventure!

Let’s Wrap It

In the world of real estate and social media, it’s all about connecting with people, just like making friends in real life. Imagine you’re at a friendly gathering, and you want everyone to feel comfortable around you. That’s what we’re doing on social media – making folks feel at home.

We’ve talked about some cool ideas, but it’s important to remember that social media is more than just talking about houses and business stuff. It’s about being friendly, helpful, and showing that you care about what people want.

Think of it like this: You’re not just a real estate agent; you’re someone who’s there to help people find their perfect home, and that’s a big deal. So, when you post on social media, make sure it’s not all business. Share funny things, ask questions, and even share stories about your successes and the people you’ve helped. People love stories; it makes everything more real.

And don’t forget, social media is also a place to be kind and positive. If someone leaves a comment or a message, be sure to reply. It’s like being a good host at a party – you want everyone to feel welcome.

So, as you go forward in your real estate journey on social media, remember to be yourself, be friendly, and most importantly, have fun with it. It’s a way to connect with people, and who knows, you might just make some new friends along the way!