15 Social Media Post Ideas for Hotels

Social media has become a must tool for hotel businesses looking to expand their reach and engage with their clients more effectively. In today’s ever-changing hotel sector, We know you are running out of social media post Ideas for hotels and looking for some inspiration, you have came to right place.

According to current polls and industry trends, social media is a key source of client leads for hotels, thus businesses must invest time and effort into enhancing their social media marketing plan.

In the hotel industry, building trust and engaging with consumers is crucial. Social media is a multifaceted platform that allows you to do more than just showcase your lodgings; it’s a location where you can demonstrate your knowledge, create genuine relationships, and generate leads on a larger scale.

Here are some practical content ideas to help you make the most of your social media presence that could serve as the foundation for your long-term social media plan. If you’ve been working hard on your social media game but aren’t seeing the results you want, it’s vital to avoid common pitfalls like offering room listings without interaction and bombarding your audience with adverts.

In this blog post, we will give you the 15 great social media post ideas for hotel businesses.

Giveaways & Contests

Organising valued item giveaways on social media might help your hotel stand out. People enjoy receiving free presents, so giveaways are a wonderful approach to pique their attention. To ensure their success, keep the admission rules easy so that more individuals can simply join.

It is critical to choose free things that are related to your hotel’s industry. Don’t give out random goods. Instead, be inventive. Consider giving away a relaxing spa package if your hotel offers spa services. Alternatively, if your hotel has a well-known restaurant, you may provide a complimentary dinner experience.

The purpose of social media marketing is to build interest in your property. When you do effective giveaways, you can gain more online followers, and some of them may become guests, adding to the growth and profitability of your hotel business.

Join Hands with Social Media Influencers

Consider working with influencers on sponsored or co-created content. But how do you go about identifying the proper influencers for your hotel brand? Authenticity is the second most important quality for influencers working with businesses, therefore look for influencers with an audience similar to your hotel’s target market.

Furthermore, if you come across any videos from influencers mentioning or displaying your hotel, don’t be afraid to contact them and request permission to republish their content on your hotel’s social media pages. This is a quick and easy way for your guests to see that your establishment is appreciated by others.

Take Help of Your Camera

Unlike any other type of media, films in the hotel sector have an exceptional power to catch and hold the attention of potential customers. In an age where social media feeds are flooded with content, videos provide an engaging and immersive approach to interact with your audience. Prospective guests are 70% more likely to pause and connect with hotels that use video walkthroughs to display their amenities while reading through their social media feeds, according to research.

Video walkthroughs are an effective way to showcase your hotel’s rooms, amenities, and general environment. These videos give potential guests a thorough and immersive perspective of your resort, allowing them to imagine themselves there. You may engage with your audience more deeply by using video walkthroughs, whether you’re displaying your sumptuous rooms, dining options, spa facilities, or any other facet of your hospitality offerings.

Start Content Series

Let’s attempt another approach for a social media post concept for hotels that involves creating a series of content:

Think about creating a content series that features nearby hidden tourist destinations and local landmarks. The series’ posts can each center on a particular attraction, such as a stunning park, a restaurant with a distinct menu, or a historic monument.

In each piece, captivate readers with intriguing photographs, insider knowledge, and fascinating facts to peak their interest and inspire them to explore the area surrounding your hotel. This series can assist you in showcasing the richness of the location you’re in as well as promoting your hotel.

Why not start a weekly series with new content every weekday? This can create excitement among your fans, providing them a compelling reason to return on regular basis.

A consistent publishing schedule not only establishes clear expectations, but it also streamlines content generation for your staff. It’s an ingenious approach to turn your social media into a dynamic platform that actually engages your audience.

In the competitive hospitality market, this continual connection can help your hotel business stand out and increase its web presence.

Share Deals with Your Followers

Deals are a great strategy to expand your hotel business. They stimulate people’s curiosity and persuade them to rent a room. When you offer discounts or special promotions, you are incentivizing guests to select your hotel over your competitors. This can assist you in attracting new guests who may not have previously considered staying with you.

Promotions can also help you sell more rooms or fill vacancies, especially if the rooms have been vacant for some time.

Giving loyal customers exclusive discounts or incentives encourages them to return. It’s a method to express gratitude for their assistance.

Guests anticipate discounts in today’s competitive market, so conducting specials can help you stay competitive and keep your guests interested. To make the most of your deals, make sure to successfully advertise them through multiple marketing channels such as social media, email marketing, and your website.

Add Local Attractions in Your Feed

Hotels can showcase nearby sites of interest, tempting potential customers to stay in their immediate vicinity. 

To highlight the unique experiences and activities available in the hotel’s neighbourhood, social media posts promoting local attractions can contain fascinating descriptions, eye-catching photographs, and engaging videos.

 These postings can motivate tourists to choose the hotel as their base for exploring the area, whether it’s historic landmarks, breathtaking landscapes, thriving neighbourhoods, or cultural events. 

Hotels that use social media effectively to promote these attractions not only improve their online presence, but also position themselves as knowledgeable guides, providing valuable insights to both current and potential guests, ultimately driving bookings and creating memorable guest experiences.

Keep Yourself Updated

If you want to improve your brand through social media, it’s critical to keep an eye on what’s trending in the rapidly changing world of hotel businesses. This is more than just blindly following trends; it also entails matching your hotel’s image to what’s currently popular in the business and with your clients. To stay relevant, for example, if eco-friendly travel is growing trendy, you should highlight your hotel’s eco-friendly initiatives in your material.

Using popular hashtags or subjects can also help make your postings more engaging and represent the unique personality of your hotel. For example, if adventure travel is popular, you might generate material that appeals to adventurous tourists in order to strengthen your relationship with them.

While interacting with trends is great, maintaining true to your hotel’s beliefs and being honest is key for building trust. Staying ahead of trends in the rapidly changing digital landscape allows you to adjust swiftly for the most impact.

Show Your Staff

It’s a great idea to showcase your hotel’s loyal personnel to your customers if they work tirelessly behind the scenes! Isn’t it good to know the names and faces of the folks that help make your stay memorable? In the world of hospitality, a personal touch goes a long way.

When you introduce your workers to your guests, you create a warm and welcoming connection. It provides a personal and trustworthy touch when guests can put faces to the people who make their experience exceptional.

Consider arriving at a hotel and being greeted by familiar and friendly people who will serve you during your stay. It can change a normal visit into an interesting and comfortable trip. So, let’s put the attention on your employees and make every guest’s stay at your hotel feel like a happy and welcome adventure!

Show Your Witty Side

As you casually scroll through your social media feed, chances are you like coming across something that makes you giggle. Consider this: while hotels are all about giving guests a comfortable and peaceful stay, there’s no harm in injecting a little humour into your social media posts.

You don’t have to become a professional comic. Sharing a hilarious meme or a lighthearted joke on your social media platforms might help differentiate your hotel from the competition. It gives your hotel a pleasant and approachable vibe, making it more desirable and memorable to potential customers. So, let’s use comedy to our advantage and charm our way to more reservations!

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Happy Customers

Those touching times when you go above and beyond to make your hotel guests’ stays truly memorable. These are true anecdotes about real individuals, their genuine feelings, and the extraordinary experiences they had at your hotel. However, remember to always obtain permission from your guests before posting these touching stories on social media.

It’s also critical to respect your visitors’ privacy. Once you’ve obtained their permission, share their tales on social media in a genuine and meaningful manner. Share the difficulties they encountered, how your team assisted them in overcoming those difficulties, and the absolute delight they felt during their stay.

These storylines are really beneficial in assisting potential guests to connect with and trust your hotel. They will regard you as a trustworthy hospitality partner dedicated to providing amazing experiences and making their travel fantasies a reality.

Who Doesn’t Love Food?

Food and drink are excellent methods to explore a new hotel and  learn about a different culture. This one is more focused on restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, bars, and so on of your hotel

Is there a particular meal or type of cuisine that is extremely popular in your hotel’s restaurant? Where can one find the greatest version of that? 

Adding a personal touch is also beneficial in this category.

Guide Them

You accomplish three objectives by offering local guides, either in the what’s happening this weekend approach or in a more evergreen format. 

  • You assist your present guests in determining how to spend their time.
  • You convince folks to book a stay in your town or city so they may visit.
  • You become involved in the community and a go-to source for information on what’s going on in the neighbourhood.

Post Your Achievements

Let your guests know about your successes. If your hotel has recently won awards or received special certifications, share this news. When you do this, it makes guests feel good about staying at your hotel because they know you’re really good at what you do. It’s like getting advice from an expert!


Sharing well wishes on social media can help a hotel establish a positive brand image by displaying that it cares about the well-being of its customers. This can help you build a deeper and warmer relationship with your guests.

It can also help to increase guest involvement by giving them a place to convey their best wishes and interact with the property.

Answer Their Questions

It’s important that you answer all of your visitors’ questions. Remember that a successful hotel business responds to all of its visitors’ inquiries quickly and competently.

Spend the time necessary to fully address all of their questions. Make an effort to respond in a concise and instructive manner. 

Wrapping Up

In today’s competitive industry, social media has completely changed the game for hotels. It’s a dynamic platform to develop trust, communicate with guests, and ultimately encourage bookings; it’s not just about marketing rooms. The 15 suggested social media post topics give a variety of ways to actually stand out online.

These concepts include everything from prizes and influencer relationships to interesting videos and regular material. Deals and nearby attractions can draw visitors, and keeping up with current events keeps your hotel relevant. A personal touch is added by showcasing your team and sharing amusing incidents, and building trust by providing visitor testimonies.